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Boat-Vessel Injury

The Law Offices of Kenneth G. Miller represents workers who have been injured and the families of workers who have been killed in boats and other vessels (floating, jack up oil rigs) in the Gulf of Mexico. Legal claims should be brought for any injury or death caused by:

  • Unsafe work places
  • Navigation errors
  • Ropes or lines that fail
  • Lifting incidents
  • Falls from trip/slips
  • Rough times at sea
  • Moving of persons to and from rigs
  • Owner/vessel operator negligence
  • Sinking and explosions

If you have been injured in a boat or vessel, you are covered by a special law known as the Jones Act. The Jones Act provides special protection to workers on boats and other types of vessels, such as floating oil rigs. If you and your lawyer can prove that your employer was negligent (that is, provided an unsafe place to work), then you can recover compensation for pain, suffering, and disability. You can also recover full wages lost due to the accident. Under the Jones Act, any injured person who is not offered fair compensation by an employer can have his or her case decided by a jury. This can be beneficial because jury members should have much more in common with an injured worker than with the Vessel owner, Oil and Gas Company or its insurance carrier.

If you have been injured in a boat or vessel incident and your employer wants you to go to the company doctor or you have already been and he tells you that you don't need medical attention or that you are not injured and you know you are, call the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Miller immediately. You are entitled to be seen by a physician of your own choosing, but that choice is critical! Don’t make it without the assistance of an experienced injury attorney. Remember, the company doctor has an ongoing relationship with your employer to protect. He may be looking after their interests (and his) and putting your interests second. Let us help you with this critical choice to make sure that you get the medical care and the compensation that you deserve.

Workers who have been injured and the families of workers who have been killed in boats and other vessels are represented on a contingency fee basis: no attorney fee is earned unless we obtain a recovery for our client.

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